The way we do business is changing

Businesses who share not only what they offer but the reason why they offer it changes the way we engage with that organization. It’s turning not-for-profit and for-profit businesses to For Purpose businesses.

Overcoming writers block – Blank!

Create without limits. Write, move, express freely and once you have something edit it to fit the parameters of the task. It’s OK to not have something down perfectly. Our world craves something true and authentic from real people. And show perfection out the door.

The talk that almost got me to quit!

Here is the talk that almost got me to quit on my first night as a speaker. As I couldn’t get my head around writing my introduction to this world, from birth to this moment. I thought the next best thing was to tell a story of why I am joining Toastmasters International.

Sitting in Silence

It’s breathing, its being, its living a true and happy life when you realize that a simply life is a fulfilled life.

Yes, we are childless

That is the way it is. To the dear old souls who are so concerned for us. We see you. To the women who are our age and younger we also see you with your judging steers. All I can say to you is – Shame on you! Yes, I can confirm that there is…