Sitting in Silence

Nothing but silence.

We have heard these words spoken by so many women around the world. When all they have worked for and all they have invested in ceased. Life took control of them and simply said the four letter word that we as women fear –S . T . O . P, STOP.

At a young age we are groomed to go, go, go. To multitask while still achieving the up most from our brains and abilities. To answer to all who know our name and to control things that we do not have control over. To keep up with the Kardashians. To be up to date with every tweet, post and Instagram pic so when our friends say did you see we can reply sure did. When the moment you put your head on a pillow to rest a hurricane floods the mind with to-do list, regretful conversations and finally the smart comment I should of said to Kim. When peace of mind become fighting for a piece of mind. When will the madness end?


Sitting in the silence is that small miracle we crave for from time to time. It’s embracing who we are and what we have become. It’s sticking our heads out of the clouds to see where we are.

The sad thing about the silence is that life has to bring us to our knees, to take the hum away as Shonde Rhimes so rightly says. We are forced by mind, body and soul to stop. The moment we stop we can truly see what is important in life, to us and to our aching souls.

It’s the quiet moments watching the world go by, it’s the playing with the children in our lives that bring such joy, it’s finally reading that novel or watching that movie in our PJ’s at 2 o’ clock on a Saturday afternoon.

It’s breathing, its being, its living a true and happy life when you realize that a simply life is a fulfilled life. It’s a space when you are your most creative and adventurous. It’s a time that renews your energy and grows hope.

When sitting in the silence you can be your authentic self where make-up is not required. Where dreams are created and realized. When being a woman in this age is to be a Titian.

Be that titian you are designed to be and embrace the Silence.


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  1. Claire says:

    At the end of last year I was forced to stop. It was a frightening exercise to face after a many years of work. I actually didn’t know what to do with myself. At one point I thought I was going to die due to my anxiety.

    I think you are right. We need atleast slow down. I am much better now but still have a long way to go to what you have discribe.


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