My husband the minister

He is as flawed as any man.

Yes he has a calling. Some might say he has a gift. But one thing he is not is God himself. Although sometime he is perceived as one sadly I can confirm that he is not.

He struggles, he cries, he hurts, he gets mad and frustrated. He also laughs, plays and gets up to mischief like any good minister worth their salt.

He is my husband and yes he is a minister.

At the pulpit on Sunday I see a man who has received a word for us, the congregation. I see the hours of prayer and preparation. The backward and forwards of each well prepared sermon. There are days he gets it right and some he doesn’t. I see a man. A willing man.

To you he might be a spiritual leader but to me his the head of our home. To you he might work one day a week but to me he works seven days a week. To you the standards are so much higher but to me he meets the only standards that matter.

He is a man of integrity. He is a man who holds the liberty and laws of not only this land but God’s very seriously. He is a man who strives to give kindness in times of heartache, love in time of hatred and firmness in times of selfishness.

He will walk with you, pray with you, listen to you and encourage you in what you are walking through.

He gives all that he is all the time and yes sometimes he fails. He aims for action rather than talking about something but sometime the only thing he can do is talk us through the doing.

The next time you see him. Don’t just look at him as just minister but look at him as a man. A man who is flawed, a man that hurts, a man that loves intensely and yes a man that enjoys life to the fullest.

He is a superhero, a warrior, a scholar, a teacher, a wise man and a gentle soul.

This is my husband and yes his a minister.


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