3 Keys of starting your journey to self-discovery

Over the past 2 years I have been embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

At first I thought it would be one that I would find my passions and set my priority straight but as the months went by I noticed a few keys changes in my behaviour, my attitude and my heart start to form.

Making a decision of a life time and letting go of our Plan B.

Right from the start I knew if I wanted true authentic change in my life I had to make a decision to change. Easy right? Wrong. Although the words just rolled off my tongue my actions and my heart didn’t follow as quickly.

I had to make a conscious decision that change was my only option. There was no plan B. At that moment I didn’t know what that looked like. It could have been anything really, change to my appearance, maybe learn a new language or even start a new hobby or a new career.

One thing that truly got my attention is that this change had to come from within. No exceptions and alternatives. Making this decision and the guts to stick with it was the most profound act I could have done on this journey.

Mindfulness was more than just breathing exercise.

Once I had made the decision to take this journey I embarked on finding my inner peace. Sound a bit hippy right. Why would a good Christian women look at the art of mindfulness? Wasn’t it for Buddhist monks, tree hugging and earth loving people?

You would think so but after my first session in my mindfulness class it was clear it wasn’t. It was for everyone even me. Here I discovered that our lives didn’t have to be full to be fulfilled. I learned to let go and trust myself. But mainly it helped me to reconnect with God.

Mindfulness was more than just breathing exercises. It was clearing my mind from the fog of everyday. It was 15 uninterrupted minutes that I dedicated just for me. No exceptions or excuses. I became unapologetic for the time that I invested in myself. It was just a simple 15 minute break to clear my head, seek God’s voice and accept clarity within my life.

Only the brave and courageous of heart learn to forgive.

Before I could move on I had to get rid of the clutter in my heart. I came to a place of self-forgiveness. I had to forgive myself for all the miss opportunities, the safe roads when I really wanted to take the road less traveled and the regrets of holding onto toxic relationships and releasing God fearing ones with people who were better for me than I would admit.

Only the brave and courageous of heart learn to forgive. Forgiveness is releasing the pain, the regrets and heartache. It’s letting go of the bondage and waking away with a heart filled with self-love and care. You don’t have to forget but we need to strive to forgive.

Has this challenged you?

Simplified living is about more than doing less. It’s being who God called us to be, with a wholehearted, single-minded focus – Bill Hybels

Accept who you are, jump at the opportunities that you know is right and have fun. It’s OK to not be OK some times. Its part of the healing process of self discovery.

Now it’s your turn – What steps can you do today to simplify your life and to rediscover who you are?

I would love to hear your stories in the comments below.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marcia says:

    Robyn, thank you for helping me to come to a point where I need to reconsider who I am. In my current situation, I think this article can really benefit me. I need to change my attitude, so here’s to my change! You are such a blessing.


    1. Robyn Keet says:

      Thank you Marcia for sharing your story with me.

      You have done the first and hardest step – making the decision. Congratulation! The sky is the limit from here on. Be brave and step into the unknown. You will discover something amazing.


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