All Welcome : Exploring how one simple place can bridge the gap

One of my favorite places to go on a Saturday morning  in Pretoria, South Africa is a food market called Hazel Food Market,

cover image
Fresh olives, Hazel Food Market sign and fresh brewed latte

It’s a foodies haven. From homemade cheeses, deli meats, fresh breads and olives.  As you enter the market you are greeted with local and international smells, laughter and a sense of home. Food has the magical way of bringing people together.

My fondest memories of family is around food. From busy kitchens on a Christmas morning to making pancakes with my grandfather. Food brings an impression of home even when your family are faraway. Nothing beats homesickness like Mom’s favorite comfort food recipes. Food brings that connection.

As a creature of habit, I start my visits by getting a cuppa coffee that has been freshly brewed by the guys at Just Coffee. Then I start my journey to each stall, tasting, smelling and getting an glimpse of the lives of each owner and creator of such delicacies. Just for a few seconds you are transported from one world to the next. A travel that can only be experienced by one, you. The conductor of this quest.

A welcome banner in a communal area

What truly brings me back each week is the community that this market has pulled into its orbit. It’s the  honest to God real people from every walks of life. Who frankly doesn’t mind sharing a table with a stranger from every race, gender and creed. This is a place that I truly feel the sacrifice that men and women of this great nation has fought for.  A privilege that we can share, laugh and engage with others we would never have the opportunity to met. Leaving our taste buds satisfied and our hearts warmer from the new friends we have made.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples” Mother Teresa

So, with food in hand go out into the world and share a little more of community to your neighbours. As I believe that sharing a meal is the universal language of community and peace.

Now its your time to share

How has the magic of food bridge the gap in creating an opportunity to experience community in your life?

Leave a comment below and let me know your answer. Share as much details as possible as we create a community around sharing food and ideas that inspires us.

If you know of anyone that would enjoy this post, please share.

Thank you for popping in and remember To Make Wise Decisions.


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