The way we do business is changing

One of my all-time admired entrepreneur and change makers is, Adam Braun ( He is the founder of Pencil of Promise and the New York bestseller, a Promise of a pencil. His mission in life – to make a different, especially in worldwide education.


Based in South Africa, I have never had an opportunity to meet him or even attend one of the many events that he holds on behalf of his foundation, Pencil of Promise but his work and his heart has affected the way I see the world. One of the areas is his way of redefining how we see businesses and organisations and coining the phrase For Purpose.

Businesses who share not only what they offer but the reason why they offer it changes the way we engage with that organisation. It’s turning not-for-profit and for-profit businesses to For Purpose businesses. A business who is bigger than the bottom line. An organisation with a higher calling in their industry to do good and to uplift their community will achieve and hold the support of many around their community, if not the world.

In theory, this is a great idea but are businesses doing this? I like to think that some are. One such organisation is Rockets Restaurant in Rivonia, Johannesburg who has recently pledge all their profits to Rhino Conversation. And they are calling this movement, Fuel for Rhino’s. A cause that is so dear to their hearts that they were motivated to change their for-profit business to a For Purpose restaurant.


“At Rockets we believe in using our power to protect – that’s why we are converting the original Rockets in Rivonia into a non-profit organisation. The shop is called Fuel for Rhinos and all profits are donated to Rhino salvation!” (

One thing that Adam has driven home for me, in all the interviews of him online that I can get my hands on, is that without an authentic heart for caring for a community and a cause, it’s a flash in the pan. An organisation that is true to their calling needs to have an effect that will continue for generations regardless if the person who started it is in the first place is in the picture or not. Your mission must be bigger than you are and you need to let it go and run when the time comes.

I truly believe that this is the future of businesses. If your organisation doesn’t have a big enough why and you don’t share that with the world, then your business with only last as long as you do.

Now, I would love to know what you think? Are businesses changing as suggested? If so, do you know of one that’s why is bigger than they are? Let me know in the comments below.

Remember to share as much detail as possible in your reply so that all that read this can share in the world of For Purpose organisations, regardless if they make a profit or not.

We all have a calling. It’s up to us to make wise decisions that enable us to share it with this world.


Featured Image by: Startupstockphotos/Pixel


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